About Us

After years of singleness, Carl & Rebekah met and had a whirlwind romance. Within a few weeks of meeting they just knew it was right and were soon planning the wedding.  Being single for so long friends came from far and wide - it was a magical day, something to never forget.

Their lives changed forever in September 2013, when Reuben arrived. A child, that Carl had been told, we would never have due to a medical condition. Reuben was conceived naturally by Rebekah, after two miscarriages and while waiting for a IVF treatment.  He's our little miracle. 

As new parents, it wasn’t long before we started telling him stories about adventures we would go on together and invented characters like a friendly Giraffe called Jeanette. As young as Reuben was, he seemed to enjoy the enthusiasm of his parents and he took easily to other children’s books, fascinated by colours and textures etc.

We started looking around book shops for stories featuring Grandma’s, Daddy’s and Mummy’s and found that there were very few and certainly not any we could find where relatives were in the storyline. We asked a simple question, 'why don't we change that'.

‘Adventures With’ was born with the hope it will be a really good book series for children, their parents and grandparents alike.

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