Meet the Team

We have a very well respected team as part of Adventure with.


Carl Brettle - CEO

Carl is the Co-Founder and CEO of PetersBrook Ltd. which is the company behind Adventures With.  He has a background in Print and Publishing and is currently a director of a National Broadcasting company.


Rebekah Brettle - Script Writing

Rebekah is the Co-Founder of Petersbrook Ltd.  She also runs a National Charity which seeks to build local Neighbourlyness in communities across the country.  She is formerly a retired GP, with 11 years experience in the medical profession.  Rebekah has authored her first book, Neighbours Transform your Street.


Sara Flay - Social Media Communications



Adam May - Press & Media Consultant

Adam is a Communications and Media Consultant, with over 10 years experience of liaising with a range of media outlets and speaking as a social affairs commentator. He has worked for a national charity as its Development Director and served on a working group advising the Government on issues of faith engagement.


Becky May - Script Editor

Becky is a former Primary School teacher with 8 years classroom and leadership experience. She is a published writer, training consultant and founder of The Resources Cupboard.

  Kyle Cottington - Website developer
  Derek Brettle - Illustrator
  Kate Stuart - Author Liaison
  David Hill - Project Advisor
  Mark Tuson - Videographer
  Dan Reeves - Designer
  Joss Nichols - App developer